Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012
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Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 explores the exciting enhancements and new capabilities engineered into SQL Server, ranging from improvements in operation to those in reporting and management. This book is for anyone who has an interest in SQL Server 2012 and wants to understand its capabilities, including database administrators, application developers, and technical decision makers.

Recording Animation

In recorded animation, model variables are set from stored values. A few uses are recording human motion (mouse movement) and recording incremental animation. Recording incremental animation would then let you play it back with the kind of control parametric animation gives. You could also get ahold of some motion-capture data and massage it into a form that can be used for playback within Director.

The recording of the animation may be done as part of the program, or done beforehand. If it is done beforehand, the data needs to be saved, most conveniently in a field or text cast member, and then retrieved at run-time. For saving lists in text form, see the Lingo functions string() and value().

Playback of recorded motion is essentially a parametric animation, with the parameter driving an index into the list of recorded values.

This demo allows the user to record a piece of incremental animation, and then play it back with a slider driver. The animation is a combination of collision and general gravity.

on startRecording()
recordList = [:]
repeat with sp in instanceList
recordList[sp] = []
end repeat
state = #recording

on record()
repeat with sp in instanceList
recordList[sp].add([#x: sp.x, #y: sp.y])
end repeat

on playBack(p) — p:0->1
totalPos = recordList[1].count
index = integer(p * (totalPos – 1) + 1) –index:1->totalPos
repeat with sp in instanceList
pos = recordList[sp][index]
sp.x = pos.x
sp.y = pos.y
end repeat

Methods from script “modelManager”

In this demo the recording is done by a script adapted from the modelRate script in Independent Model Rate, and renamed modelManager. The three methods above show how it does recording and playback.

Notice that the variables recorded are the animation model variables, not the sprite properties. This is generally the best way to go, for several reasons:

  • less information to record. For example, in 3D the x, y, and z coordinates are used to set more than three sprite properties. Of course, this means that during playback a rendering algorithm will still be needed.
  • more importantly, at playback you still have control over rendering.

The variables are recorded once each movie frame in this demo, rather than once each model frame. In this demo the model rate is about 20 times the movie rate. If you wanted to do “super slo-mo” playback, you could record the variables based on model frames, and at slow playback you’ll get a smoother motion.

To record the movement of the mouse, use a script that keeps its x and y animation model variables at the mouse location, and pass the script instance to modelManager’s addInstance() method.

Miscellaneous Points
This is the property list used by modelManager to record the x and y variables of each recorded object. The unusual thing about it is that the keys in the list are object references. recordList associates each object reference with the linear list of recorded position settings for that object.

Usually in sample code the keys are symbols, but the property list can be used to associate values of any data type with each other. This is generally called a hash table, and most likely property lists are implemented in Director using a hash table of some sort.

If recordList is saved in a text cast member, retrieving the list using value() will not recreate object references. To save recordList, use something like sprite numbers for the keys instead of references.

Animation Anomalies
If you watch the animation long enough you’ll notice some interesting anomalies in the behavior of the objects. When I have time I’ll try to pinpoint what is happening. There may or may not be a perfect fix.

Things To Try
Make the playback “instant replay” style by using a time driver instead of a slider to control the playback. You might use a slider to control the speed of the replay.

Canada Goose Outlet

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15 best pillows

If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain, or you just can’t get comfortable in bed, it could well be down to your pillow. But finding the ideal balance of softness and support in a new pillow isn’t easy, with contributory factors including whether you’re a side, front or back sleeper, as well as your body shape and size. It’s also down to personal preference.

Remember that even the best pillows won’t last you longer than a few years, eventually failing to give you the support you need, as well as potentially becoming unhygienic. If your pillow is discoloured or you regularly wake up with neck ache or a blocked nose, it’s almost certainly time to go pillow shopping.

According to the Sleep Council, a good pillow should hold your head in the correct alignment that is, in the same relation to your shoulders and spine as if you were standing upright with the correct posture and be tucked well into the neck and shoulder to support your head fully.

Side sleepers, remember you’ll need more support and possibly even two pillows, while front and back sleepers may benefit from one soft pillow that’s on the thinner side. Ideally, try before you buy.

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14 Great Beers to Serve with Food

Snooty sommeliers like to boast that there is a perfect wine for every food. But sometimes, a beer is even better. “The flavors of grilling, lemony citrus, and spice are areas where many wines struggle,” says Brian Jacobs, assistant general manager and beer director for The Red Cat restaurant in New York. “Well made beers are every bit as sophisticated as wine,” he adds, noting that their coldness and refreshing carbonation can make them better companions than vino for certain types of foods and meal events.

Pairing beer and food is a great excuse to explore some tasty new brews, but there’s no need to get too serious, says Jimmy Carbone, owner of New York specialty beer restaurant Jimmy’s No. “Beer is much more forgiving than wine. Unlike wine, it’s really hard to go completely wrong.” So with that in mind, here are Jacobs’ and Carbone’s top picks for making your corkscrew jealous.

Anytime you enjoy a beer, whether it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon or the fanciest, priciest Belgian brew, you’re making the decision to enjoy a frosty cold infusion of nearly empty calories (thank you, trace amounts of B vitamins and the oft debated health benefits of alcohol), plus a fairly hefty load of PointsPlus values.

See our to find the PointsPlus values for a few common regular and light beers; most clock in at 5 6 and 3 4 PointsPlus values, respectively. Food and Drug Administration does not require beer companies to reveal their products’ caloric or nutritional information to the public. (Seriously.) That’s one reason why you won’t find many specialty beers in the PointsPlus database.

Very tasty beers are usually very tasty for a reason. Many (though not all) will likely run from 6 to 10 PointsPlus values per 12 ounce can or bottle. Also, keep in mind that the higher a beer’s alcohol content, the more calories it packs. A general rule of thumb? Plan on 8 PointsPlus values per 12 ounces of fancy brew. Imbibe accordingly, and you shouldn’t be popping any buttons due to your enjoyment of malted deliciousness.

The food: Steaks and burgers

Top pick: Yuengling Traditional Lager, PA

(4.4% ABV [alcohol by volume], 12 oz. bottle)America’s oldest brewery, located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, offers a basic lager that serves up more gusto than the mainstream brands. “This beer has a little more malty backbone to stand up to fattier meats and grilled flavors, yet it’s still approachable enough to please a crowd,” says Jacobs.

Also try: Sly Fox Brewing Dunkel Lager, PA

(4.9% ABV, 12 oz. can)”If a crisp, cold lager is a 10, dunkel lager is an 11, with some dark malt and caramel notes for added flavor,” Jacobs says.

The food: Jerk chicken or pork

Top pick: Lagunitas Brewing Company IPA, CA

(6.2% ABV, 12 oz. bottle)

“This is where beer really shines over wine, to quench the slow sear of spicy foods,” says Jacobs. India pale ale, or IPA, was originally conceived to withstand the voyage from England to India, so it’s fortified with extra everything malt, alcohol and hops. This American version is robust with citrus and grapefruit flavors from 43 kinds of hops. Spicy foods also benefit from the thirst quenching ability of a cold mainstream brew like Bud Light (3 PointsPlus values per 12 oz. can), which will at least put out the fire.

Also try: Arcadia HopMouth Double IPA Ale, MI

(8.1% ABV, 22 oz. bottle)Copious hops give this potent beer piney and floral aromas and a bitter finish. “With 8 percent alcohol and intense flavor, this will handle jerk spice or curried cuisine,” says Jacobs.

Top pick: Blue Moon Brewing Company Belgian White, CO

(5.4% ABV, 12 oz. bottle)Made in the traditional Belgian style by our pals at Coor’s, this widely available brew works well alone or with delicate foods. “Belgian white, or wit, beers traditionally have flavors of coriander and citrussy orange peel that are natural pairings for seafood,” says Jacobs. Some popular pale ales, like Sierra Nevada and Bass Ale, have a bitterness that also goes well with grilled fish.

Space Viewport 2.0

Case Study: Space Viewport 2.0

Related Topics:
Space Viewport
Perspective & Other Depth Cues
Data Structures and Recursion

View controls:
Drag in viewport to pan
Drag on ‘radar’ to pan
Alt-drag in viewport to zoom
Click ‘follow’ to follow ship
Ship controls:
left/right arrows to turn
ctrl to thrust

Space Viewport 2.0source movie

This demo builds on the first version by giving universe elements a depth and rendering with some depth cues, and also storing the universe model in a tree rather than a list.

Depth & Perspective
The field of action is still two dimensional, but adding depth makes the visuals more interesting. It’s pretty simple to do. Each element is given a z coordinate which is used for perspective and for blendlevel (haze) and locz (z-axis blocking).

Notice how the method uniToView() which maps universe to screen coordinates now makes use of the perspective value. First the offset from the camera is found (vec – camVec), then perspective is applied, then zoom and shifting:

on uniToView(vec)
vec = (vec – camVec) * persp
loch = vec.x * zoomLevel + viewRect.left + viewRect.width/2
locv = vec.y * zoomLevel + + viewRect.height/2
return point(loch, locv)

Tree Structure for the Model
Instead of being stored in a list, the objects of the universe are now stored as a tree. The universe object is the tree root, and each object’s position is relative to its parent. The circling planets show how the tree structure simplifies the programming—the planet script doesn’t need to take into account how the sun fits into the rest of the scene. For more on using a tree and transforms in animation see 3D World and the other 3D quad demos.

Migrating to a tree structure was made much easier by inheritance. Simply making the treeNode script the ancestor of universeElement gave all the model objects the properties and methods of a tree node.

This demo is a relatively rare example of the use in Lingo of a series of inheritance, where a script’s ancestor itself has an ancestor. For example, ship inherits universeElement which inherits treeNode. Does it make a difference if universeElement and treeNode are reversed in the order? It wouldn’t to the ship script, but there are reasons to arrange it the way it is. Abstractly, according to the “is a” relationship of inheritance, universeElement is a treeNode but treeNode is not a universeElement. Practically, if you wanted a node just for grouping in the model you can now just use a universeElement object (because it inherits from treeNode).

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Information About Migratory Birds

Migratory birds build fat supplies before leaving and burn most of it off during the trip. A recent New York Times article by Carl Zimmer reported pre migratory adipose could represent as much as 55 percent of total weight.Cheap Jerseys free shipping To accomplish this, they may switch to a diet of berries and fruits abundant in carbohydrates and lipids that are readily converted to fat. Fat storage can increase by as much as 10 percent per day, and the pectoral muscles become stocked with special proteins called enzymes that oxidize, or burn, fat brazenly.

Transoceanic birds usually make a nonstop trip across entire oceans without any foraging breaks. Biologist Robert E. Gill Jr. found the bar tailed godwit, which makes the longest nonstop flight of 7,100 miles in nine days, raises its metabolic rate between 8 and 10 times. By contrast, a professional bicyclist in the Tour de France could only raise his metabolic rate 5 times. Researchers Tim and Janet Williams say that if the blackpoll warbler was burning gasoline instead of body fat, it would reach the equivalent of 720,000 miles to the gallon.

Red Robin Bird Information. . Information About Migratory Birds. Red Robin Bird Information. Migration is one of the most unusual behaviors in the animal kingdom, and it is one of the.

Willis Knighton Medical Center Cancer Center Career Institute Extended Care Center Eye Surgery Center Fertility Center Fitness Wellness Center Heart Vascular Institute Spine Institute Talbot Museum Transplant Center Work Kare Driving Directions Map Willis Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health Institute for Behavioral Medicine Center for Women’s Health Fitness Wellness Center Hyperbarics Wound Care Center Work Kare Driving Directions Map WK Bossier Health Center Fitness Wellness Center Work Kare Driving Directions Map WK Pierremont Health Center Fitness Wellness Center Orthopedics Work Kare Driving Directions Map Progressive Care Center Quick Care Pierremont South Bossier Project NeighborHealth MLK Area Clinic Education Center Allendale Area Clinic Education Center Queensborough Education Center Plain Dealing Bradley, Arkansas WK Education Center Shots For Tots The Oaks of Louisiana Behavioral Medicine Cancer Center Children’s Services Diabetes Nutrition Center Diabetes Management Weight Wellness Bariatric Surgery Emergency / Urgent Care Eye Surgery Center Fitness Wellness Centers Heart Vascular Institute Hyperbarics Wound Care Imaging Radiology Laboratory Occupational Medicine Orthopedics Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Women’s Services Obstetrics/Birthing Breast Center Transplant Center ALL HEALTH SERVICES Information for Patients Your Stay Patient Safety Billing Insurance/Health Plans Accepted My Medicine List Visitor Information Visiting Guidelines General Guidelines Critical Care Unit Labor Delivery, Postpartum NICU PICU Cafeteria Gift Shops Maps Directions Willis Knighton Medical Center Willis Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health WK Bossier Health Center WK Pierremont Health Center Contact Information Important Phone Numbers Contact Us Spiritual Life Services Pay Your Hospital Bill Online Wireless Internet Access Organ Donation Gold Star Service Obstetrics/Birthing Home Prenatal Classes Special Support Services Search for Baby Photos WK Newborn Channel Obstetrics/Birthing Health Library Gift Shops Fitness Wellness Center Health News Health Library KidsHealth WK Newborn Channel Patient and Family Education Videos News Releases Media Policy Media Resources Careers Home Nursing Careers Physician Careers Allied Health Careers Non Medical Careers Benefits Career Institute History Mission Community Commitment Philanthropy Accreditation Awards/Recognition Code of Conduct Compliance Hotline Notice of Privacy Practices Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP) Policy Pamphlet Institutional Ethics Committee Vim Vigor Magazine Leadership Quality Data Not for Profit Community Healthcare Corporation

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Ingredients And Information

Chlor Trimeton (Chlorpheniramine) is an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body. Histamine can produce symptoms of sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose. Chlor Trimeton works by blocking histamine that the body makes during an allergic reaction. Chlor Trimeton is known as Chlor Tripolon in CanadaThe active ingredient in Chlor Trimeton is chlorpheniramine where as the active ingredient in Drixoral is dexbrompheniramine. Do not take this medication if you are allergic to chlorpheniramine. Always should consult a doctor or a pharmacist before using chlorpheniramine if you have any medical conditions. Also avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated during exercise and in hot weather. Chlorpheniramine can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can increase some of the side effects of chlorpheniramine. Chlorpheniramine pill is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby however you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast feeding a baby. Take the Chlor Trimeton tablet, capsule, or liquid form with or without food but take this medication with food or milk if stomach upset occurs. Chlor Trimeton 12 mg dosage is based on your age, medical condition, and response to therapy. You should not increase your dose or take this medication more often than recommended by your doctor. In order to get the most benefit from Chlor Trimeton take this medication regularly ( take it at the same time(s) each day). If you think you may have a serious medical problem after use, seek immediate medical attention.

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NEW YORK (AP) Congrats, New York fashion world, you made it through your third stand alone fashion week for menswear.

With men’s weeks far more established in Milan and Paris, it wasn’t clear exactly how that would work in New York when the decided to try it.

Though some designers decamped to other fashion capitols, and the feel of men’s week remained more relaxed with fewer formal runway shows and more showroom appointments and staid presentations, there was still plenty to see with about 80 designers on hand.

Varvatos was groovy,Cheap Jerseys china as always, but his sexy calm of Provence reimagined for urban romantics was rocked by the real life news of many dead in Nice after a truck plowed through crowds of Bastille Day revelers.

“Oh that’s awful,” the seasoned designer said. “It just doesn’t stop around the world right now, does it? It’s incomprehensible.”

For his 17th spring, Varvatos played with the hard and soft of men’s fashion, using ultra light linen fabric for breezy jackets and coats but providing his young romantic with killer rough and tumble ankle zip boots that can handle the grit of the big city.

Some of his jackets had collars fitted with wires for personalized shaping. And he put out a few great man bags in leather and linen.

Varvatos, 60, has been in the business since 1985, when he worked for . His own company is 16 years old. Joyfully, men care more about fashion today than they used to, he said.

“The world has gotten very small in terms of fashion. Everybody knows everything that’s going on everywhere instantaneously. I love that we’re all so connected in that regard.”

He called this collection less rock ‘n’ roll, softer.

“It’s a cool evolution for us,” Varvatos said.

Among the old world touches he embraced was a lush calfskin leather for an asymmetric jacket, its surface embossed with a crocodile skin motif. Another in supple, buff suede was the color of almonds. One wheat color linen vest was flecked with metallic fibers for added sheen and hand dyed for a vintage feel.

The idea, he said, was to honor “heritage” and lend a nod to “old world craftsmanship.”

Actors and were among his guests seated at small cocktail tables at The Django, a cave like, Paris inspired jazz venue under The Roxy Hotel downtown.

Can you be an outlier and a fashion darling at the same time?

Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport isn’t worried. He admits he was a bit after winning with two others the lucrative 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, but so far, so good.

“It used to make me nervous, actually, when I first won,” he said. “I was, like, what are people going to expect now?”

Then the 31 year old, $300,000 richer from the competition, spent a few weeks in Paris, trying to figure it all out.

“I wanted to see what I could do and how I can carry my voice forward without feeling the pressure to always outdo myself,” Uribe said as a continuous loop of models hit his latest gender fluid runway during men’s week.

“I think what it is to always go back to my roots and my roots are with DIY clothing, so I made a lot of the clothing by hand. There’s also a fun element, and if we’re not having fun it’s not Gypsy Sport.”

On a runway of artificial turf, Uribe was, again, true to himself. His New York based brand has been around since 2012 and he has maintained a commitment to unisex design, putting men in dresses and exposing a trans female breast to drive home the idea that we’ve all got them, nipples and all.

“I was inspired by so many things this season, starting with soccer and sports. I wanted to take rituals from sports and turn them into ritualistic clothing,” Uribe said. “That led me into DIY, turning some soccer jerseys and football jerseys into dresses and lingerie. And then I was also inspired by eveningwear. We’ve never made eveningwear but I really wanted to have lace and fringe and pearls and all of those elements in there. So it kind of became a big mashup of sportswear, eveningwear and fantasy wear.”

Putting out high priced clothes for rich people is one thing. For and , the design duo behind this New York y brand, it’s more about stocking the closets of creatives like those who frequent the west Soho neighborhood near their only store.

They design, said Linder, for “people who aren’t stuffy.”

On Monday, the first day of men’s week, the two took to the tiny downtown to roll out a collection of mostly everyday pieces for the 30 something musicians, actors and, yes, alt fashion folk they’re drawn to and who are drawn to them.

Denim jeans were split up the back in the legs to provide a swing. Others were adorned with numerous rivets as they explored the idea of exposing the “behind the scenes” of garment making. Graphic T shirts depicted a female worker surrounded by hangers in a garment factory. Some pants had one wide leg and one narrow one. Others included back pockets just slightly off kilter, with one higher and one lower.

The Linder shoes and boots, made in Portugal, were a different story. They were awesome in that comfy, lug sole, clunky way. The pickings included some great sand color suede loafers.

Linder launched in 2013 and this was the brand’s first runway show. In addition to roomy jeans and kimono tees, some of the knits were works of surf y art, including a cardigan with a wavy blue seam at the buttons and the edges of sleeves that landed above the wrist.

Millar, 27, and Linder, 42, come from different generations. Of the two, both New York transplants, Linder lives more on the edge, willing to take risks to please a mostly younger clientele. They support a team of about nine now as they run their brick and mortar business while continuing to design, trying to focus more on their own brand rather than rely heavily on selling others.

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The three chemicals used to bleach wheat flour from brown to white are potassium bromate, benzoyl peroxide and chlorine dioxide. Potassium bromate is dangerous if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin in large doses. Benzoyl peroxide, another bleaching agent, can be harmful to animals and cause low growth rate in plants, according to Green Living Tips.

His schedule didn’t allow a commitment, but he will come back as a guest judge for the season finale, according to a statement for Lifetime TV.Posen said he learned from Kors. “When I was a guest judge, I saw he was always a generous, warm mentor.”Posen’s best skill to offer the contestants is his sharp eye, he said. Craft and construction are among his passions, he explained, so nothing gets past him there.It’s Klum’s role in the new lineup to bring the voice of the woman who might be the eventual customer.

Many masons have a deep interest in maintaining a collection of freemasonry items due to the tradition and faith that are attached to these goods. cheap michael kors They employ high efforts and great time in widening their compilation through meticulous search. Another significant aspect of the Masonic regalia collection is the compass and square, without which your collection is absolutely incomplete.

In my most recent book, Straight Talk From Corporate America’s Ten Most Requested Speakers and Trainers, I am interviewed on the subject of aligning culture and strategy. As the title says, culture eats strategy for lunch. An example of a misalignment between culture and strategy is the situation where a company’s strategy is to grow through innovation and creativity, yet the culture is highly autocratic and tightly controlled.

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Meanwhile the air jordan retro 7 report had spread in the town that the old man, coach coupon code Monsieur De Beaulieu, and the whole Duparc family had been tenis nike shox poisoned by their servant. Madame Duparc did her best to coach wallets give the rumor the widest possible circulation. Entirely forgetting, as coach outlet vicksburg ms it would seem, that she was on her own showing baseball oakley sunglasses a poisoned woman, she roamed excitably all over the house 95 air max with an audience of agitated female friends at her heels; air max running shoes telling the burned arsenic story over and over again to every white ray ban sunglasses fresh detachment of visitors that arrived to hear it; and fake ray ban sunglasses for sale finally leading the whole troop of women into the room san marcos coach outlet where Marie was trying to recover herself.

Approximately 32 per cent of the table saw accidents are due to kickback, with injuries to the head, face and neck. The majority occur because of physical contact with the spinning blade. Of those accidents, about 10 per cent result in amputation of fingers or thumb.

A friend of Mrs. Hricko’s told police that Mrs. Hricko, 32, a surgical technician, had confided two weeks earlier that she had a plan to inject her husband with a drug that would stop his breathing and paralyze him. Kim Dotcom. Photo / Brett Phibbs”We had an amazing life where I was his princess and when you’re 19 or 20, that’s cool. But then you grow up and want to explore the world and it doesn’t work anymore,” she told Woman’s Day.She described the relationship as a “Cinderella story” with the opulent lifestyle at the side of Dotcom, 40, vastly different from a tough childhood tainted by abuse and spent living with different relatives.”I was only 17 or 18 when we met and I had a difficult childhood, as he did.

Judge Walker’s decision will be appealed and litigation will continue, but what we witnessed in the clear light of his courtroom cannot be erased. The witnesses, evidence, and arguments all demonstrated what we’ve long known: exclusion from marriage harms committed same sex couples and their families, while helping no one, and the unjustified and unfair denial of marriage to same sex couples violates the United States Constitution. The judge’s ruling reflects the growing consensus in courtrooms and legislatures across the country, and around the world, that there is simply no good reason to exclude same sex couples from marriage..

Hill’s ejected added to Mattingly’s postgame displeasure, but Saturday he said, “There’re things that obviously we’re going to be at odds on kind of on a daily basis in some fashion. But in general [umpires] do a good job. It’s an emotional time of year.

Mr Ware, who covered the Afghanistan war from 2001 and the Iraq war from 2003 for Time magazine and the US television network CNN from 2006, returned to Brisbane in December suffering post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).His harrowing near decade of war coverages were documented last Monday in the first of a two part ABC Australian Story series, with the second part to be broadcast tomorrow night. Mr Ware tells of the alleged incident he says he witnessed and filmed in 2007 when working for US news giant CNN, but claims the network decided the footage was too graphic to go to air.He alleges that a teenager in a remote Iraqi village run by the militant Islamist group, al Qaeda was carrying a weapon to protect himself.”(The boy) approached the house we were in and the (US) soldiers who were watching our backs, one of them put a bullet right in the back of his head. Unfortunately it didn’t kill him,” he tells Australian Story.”We all spent the next 20 minutes listening to his tortured breath as he died.”I had this moment that I realised despite what was happening to this man in front of me, I’d been more concerned with the composition of my (photo) shot than I was with any attempt to either save him or at the very, very least ease his passing.”I indeed had been indifferent as the soldiers around me whose indifference I was attempting to capture.”He alleges the incident was ”technically” a breach of the Geneva Convention or ”a small war crime if there’s such a thing”.Mr Ware’s friend, journalist John Martinkus who now teaches media studies at the University of Tasmania, returned to Baghdad in 2007 where he had worked previously for the SBS’s Dateline program.”One of the first things he (Ware) showed me was that tape and he was watching it over and over and over again; he was really obsessed with it,” Mr Martinkus said.”Part of him was like ‘how could I just stand by and watch that happen’. It was a really horrible stark moral choice that he faced and he still wrestles with that,” he said.He said CNN owned the footage and Mr Ware therefore was not free to give it to anyone else.Mr Martinkus, like Mr Ware, was kidnapped during his time in Iraq.”People really need to understand what Mick’s been through.

Using small business VoIP

Companies are looking for ways to reach customers on the web and then  be able to stay connected via the web and other means of marketing.  Today those words are more true than ever as companies are seeing the  success of MySpace, Facebook,  Youtube , and more recently Twitter. They  know that in order to appeal to the younger crowds they need to play  where they play. Many are not turning to TV to get their information,  but rather online blogs and social communities. Many small to medium businesses may look at some of these new expanding digital channels as a barrier because of the the technology. The great thing is that they are basically free tools that allow you to stay in touch and grow your business while keeping a tight control on your overall budget.

You will see major organizations,news channels, and popular brands now setting up spaces on these high profiles social media sites. Smaller companies are turning to hosted voip services in order to stay connected with their customers. By simply upgrading their current phone system to a small business VoIP system you can roll out a touch point for your customers in a matter of days instead of months and the overall cost is about 50%-80% less that what you may be paying now. With many great features like unlimited calling, virtual receptionist, and voicemail small businesses are now able to look big while not spending thousands on a larger PBX system. This will allow them to focus on more important factors to drive business like customer support and marketing.

The technology behind VoIP has gotten better each year with the availability of more robust broadband connections. VoIP allows you to take your phone anywhere you want and by simply plugging into a computer with a broadband connection you can have your office phone with you wherever you go. This is great for companies that have outside sales people that travel in various parts of the county. Their customers can call a central number and be directed to their customer support or sale representative no matter where that person may be in the country. For small businesses the ability to stay in touch with their customers is critical in their success and while they may not have the budget to staff a call center 24/7 small business VoIP gives them that feel through services like call flipping and virtual receptionist that companies like Vocalocity offer to their customers. Plus the phones and systems are scalable with just a simple phone call so that as your business grows you simply call and add on additional users and no hardware or software upgrades because Vocalocity handles all that for you. The world we live is definitely getting smaller so being able to use the technology we have to make us look bigger can help you compete in today’s fast paced world.

Take your broadband connection with you

As the access to broadband grows and providers continually add more capacity to their systems you  will see more and more broadband deals. Companies will be competing for your business and are even offering free laptops to obtain your connection. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace, and  LinkedIn are helping to expand wireless broadband as people are wanting to stay connected no matter where they and want the ability to chat and check up on their friends anywhere they are. As more and more companies increase their cheap broadband offers the customer will ultimately win. This is similar to what we saw with the phone companies back in the early 90’s when they started offering unlimited local and long distance calling. They saw that customers had more choices and with the internet and high speed access was growing they had to retain their customers.

Now broadband companies are offering free equipment and the actual connections devices called dongles to lure more and more customers to their offers. Along with pay as you go mobile broadband plans you can now take your broadband connection with you. Many people are confused about the actual use of a dongle. Dongles are a piece of computer hardware that connects to a desktop or a laptop most often at the back of a computer to the parallel port. This little piece of hardware can work as a device to extend a connection from one piece of hardware to another or it can also work as a security measure that will have a separate code in order to allow the user to have access to certain applications. It allows devices to connect to the mobile internet without the need to be a near a Wi-Fi hotspot. I wouldn’t get hung up on how you are connecting because these devices are just a simple way to help get your broadband signal. You can check out Broad Band Genie to help you shop, compare, and find the best overall deal and provider for your needs.


find caskets los angeles

When you lose a loved one the last thing you want to do is start haggling over burial costs. From the type of funeral home to Caskets, to flowers the costs can quickly add up and most of the time unless you have a pre-arranged plan you end paying a lot more than you need to. Thanks to the FTC funeral rule you now have specific rights in requesting specific services and even price quotes in order to help in the planning process. It is common practice for funeral homes to offer package deals that just show one price so you are never sure of what you might be getting and how much you are actually paying for items like the caskets in los angeles. With the FTC funeral rule funeral homes must now provide you with itemized expenses in order for you to chose which items are best for you and which ones you can afford. This also means that a funeral cannot refuse to handle a casket or urn that you have purchased at another location. You can find Caskets for Sale that are available now and can be shipped to you quickly especially if you live in Los Angeles. You can search caskets los angeles where they have both same day delivery and free delivery on certain models.This is also a great resource for consumers to help you save hundreds of dollars. You can order the casket online and have it shipped to the funeral home of your choice usually withing 24 hours.

In a lot of cases you can save with comparing caskets los angeles  to local funeral home prices. You will find the ability to get same day service for Los Angeles customers in search of caskets and related services. The site is set up for simple price comparison and they also offer a great resource to help answer questions and offer live help with one simple call. You can avoid any high pressure sales situations and get the customer service and help you need in a time of loss. So if you are in the position of having to plan a funeral do not let the costs add more stress to what you and your family are already dealing with. You have rights to plan the funeral you want without breaking the bank in the process.

3D Resource Objects

3D Resource Objects

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3D World Hierarchy
Spring Forces

In this demo, resource geometry is separated from the 3D hierarchy so that the same resource can be used multiple times in the 3D world. One advantage to this is animating the resource will animate all appearances of it—the three discs in the demo below all use the same disc resource.

Drag off objects to rotate group
3D Resource Objects source movie

The resources in this demo are programmed as trees, and consist of a root node with the faces as its children. To use a resource in the 3D world, the “resource” property of a 3Dnode is made a reference to the root of a resource tree:

With this arrangement rendering involves traversing the 3D world tree, and when a 3Dnode uses a resource, traversing the resource tree and rendering its nodes.

Use of Inheritance
The nodes in the two types of trees in this demo, 3D world tree and resource trees, both need tree-related properties and methods but also need properties and methods unique to each type of tree. For example, nodes in the 3D world tree need a resource property to point to a resource, while nodes in a resource tree need a list of vectors to store geometry. Programming this using inheritance is a good way to go.

To do that, a script called “treeNode” is programmed as a generic tree node, with parent and child properties and methods for managing a tree. This script serves as the ancestor for 3Dnode and resNode, the two types of nodes that make up the 3D world tree and resource trees, respectively. The 3Dnode and resNode scripts contain the properties and methods unique to their respective tree types.

Inheritance is used again for the scripts that automate creation of different resources geometries such as cylinders, planes, cubes, etc. These scripts inherit the resNode script and function as the root of the resource trees. (They also inherit treeNode via resNode).

Animating the Resource
This animation uses a “spring system” which is a bunch of objects that act on each other with spring forces (as if they were connected by springs). The objects in this case are the vectors that specify the outer edge of the disc resource. These vectors are stored in the edgeVerts list of the resDisc object.

Using forces means using the physics model (position, velocity, acceleration):

— spring force
spring1 = (zInit[i] – verts[i].z) * .04
spring2 = (verts[prevI].z – verts[i].z) * .08
spring3 = (verts[nextI].z – verts[i].z) * .08

— acceleration, velocity, position
zAccel = spring1 + spring2 + spring3
zVelo[i] = zVelo[i] + zAccel
verts[i].z = verts[i].z + zVelo[i]

— dampen velocity
zVelo[i] = zVelo[i] * .9

modelFrame() method in script “discWave”

The disc resource lies in the x-y plane so the wave is created by animating the z coordinates of the edge vectors.

Three spring forces act on each vector, all given by the spring formula (restPosition – position). The first pulls the vector back to its initial position. The second two cause the vectors on either side to pull the vector in their direction, which creates the wave.

The velocity is dampened so the wave eventually dies out.

The wave is started by setting the velocity of a vector (zVelo[i]) to a non-zero number.

•What would happen if only the first spring force was used? What if only the last two were used?

This animation can be done in Shockwave 3D by animating a mesh vertexList.

Seniors looking for love in all the right places

Over the last decade internet dating sites have become one of the most popular methods of matchmaking for the over 50s. Sites that cater for those looking for friendship, romance, companionship and even the modern equivalent of a pen pal have cropped up across the net and cyberspace has become a safe place for anyone who wants to vet potential partners before meeting up in real life.

The revolution of dating

For the older generation, dating used to be a very formal affair with strict rules and etiquette. These days the dating scene is far more casual and for those who have not been exposed to it, it may come as a bit of a shock. Internet dating is an excellent middle ground for those looking to get back into dating and it can be kept as formal or casual as the individual desires. Many over 50’s are widowed or divorced and have not dated since the days of university, so the internet offers the ideal platform to reconnect without the pressure of a face-to-face meeting.

The internet has revolutionised dating completely and profiles can be created to attract people with similar interests and lifestyles. Getting into internet dating is easy and there is a wealth of advice online that is designed to help seniors navigate new waters. Online dating sites have changed the way people of all ages meet and senior dating is now so commonplace it has even acquired the nickname of “grey dating”!

Meeting new people online
Many newly single seniors dread the thought of having to start from scratch and the idea of meeting new people can be daunting. The internet helps alleviate this as it offers a barrier and the user can choose how much information they wish to share and how anonymous they wish to remain. Many dating sites have stringent sign-up criteria and are designed to ensure the confidentiality and safety of users and no personal information is ever revealed unless the owner gives permission. This allows for a neutral ground and affords the option of declining a date without disclosing too much about yourself or having to endure an awkward coffee or dinner meeting. If you have been too scared or shy to try internet dating up until now but have decided that it is definitely worth a try follow link to find your perfect match and join millions of other seniors who have found love online.

With one in three marriages ending in divorce and the internet becoming more accessible with every passing moment it’s not surprising that online dating has become an easy and acceptable way to meet new friends and potential partners. Social media has played a big role in encouraging people to interact and this has led to many seniors becoming more familiar with the web and exploring other areas of interest.

Online dating is not only for those looking for romance, it’s also an easy way for people to meet others seeking friendship, companionship or support. Finding love in cyberspace is now a reality; regardless of your age!

We Can Find Our Future in Our past

You can be excused if you are beginning to feel a little numb from all of the technological progress which engulfs you in your daily life. It was only a few years ago that flat screen televisions were a new sensation. Now, they’re talking about making them work in 3D, using special glasses. A decade ago, we didn’t have any smartphones (unless you count the original BlackBerry devices) and no one was even thinking about what a tablet could do, until Apple surprised us five years ago with the first iPad. Things seem to be moving so fast, that you can be excused for thinking you could not possibly keep up with it all. But it wasn’t always so. It wasn’t that long ago that progress moved along at what we would consider today a snail’s pace. It is hard to believe that it was just over 200 years ago that our modes of transportation were revolutionized, when the steam locomotive was introduced.

The Romance of a Bygone Era

While today’s trains are fast, silent and efficient, the earliest steam locomotives and the carriages that they took with them were noisy, dirty and made a terrible clatter. But for many of that period, all the commotion was part of the romance of traveling by train. The UK was in many ways the birthplace of the modern railroad. Before the steam engine had been invented and improved by various enterprising fellows, such as Thomas Newcomen and James Watt, right in the middle of the 18th century, there were some crude railways, which used horses to draw a few carriages along. Actually, they were painfully slow, at least when compared to today’s standards. But by the early part of the 19th century, a steam engine which could be successfully used with a steam locomotive was introduced. In short order, rails were laid out across the UK and also in the US, which basically imported British locomotives until they developed their own.

An Imposing Presence

While today’s latest generation of electric or diesel powered engines move trains along at speeds that would have been unimaginable 100 years ago, they are also quite sleek and aerodynamically shaped so as to create as little resistance to the wind as possible. But the original steam locomotives were anything but graceful. They were big, powerful beasts which snorted and grumbled any chance they got. When pressure was released from the boiler, they gave off a loud hiss which would scare any child, as well as most adults that stood near. The collective impression that they have left on our national conscience is evidenced by the celebrations surrounding this year’s 150th anniversary of the Highland Main Line. However, while these old locomotives have a fascination all of their own, rail transportation today is arguably a lot simpler, faster and more efficient way to travel. Going to places such as Hull from London using the services of, are a delight, as they can provide you with extremely comfortable and fast transportation.

Are We in Love with Our past?

Somehow, those big snarling steam locomotives remind us in many ways of a time when life moved at a far more tranquil pace, when we weren’t bombarded with information every second of our lives and when, some would argue, the quality of life was better. But, like every civilization that has come before us, we’re moving resolutely forward. It is hard to imagine exactly what the future will bring.

Would you become a logger

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years and had never really appreciated the role the forests play in overall economy of our state. I had started to watch a show on The History Channel called “Ax Men” that follows a group of loggers and details the daily challenges they have in getting logs to mills. In the early years many of the logging companies harvested the trees near bodies of water that enabled them to transport them to nearby mills. As they moved more inland they needed to develop tools and techniques that would enable them to cut down the trees and then move them to a road where they would be loaded and transported.

I have always loved to climb trees when I was a young kid and still have the idea that one day I will build a cool tree fort for my kids. Right now I am relegated to just pruning and maintaining our trees so that they do not grow into the house.You can find tree pruning tools at  Sherrill Tree that can help you in maintaining  the health and look of your trees. There is something to be said about well groomed trees and the look can actually help add more value to your home. One thing I found out from a tree expert that you can actually control the height and spread of your trees if you just do a little maintenance every year.

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Design Team

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Design Team 

The bustling town centre of Caerphilly has a plethora of business parks where you can find the key to your company’s successful web design a method for outperforming your competition.  You have a vision and objectives for your company but you may not have the creative skills and talents to bring all of the elements of effective web design together to strengthen your internet presence.  By hiring a professional design team, you can present your ideas and leave the creative endeavours to the craftsmen who are passionate about their work enjoy accepting the challenge of making your company a success with their work.  Jacqueline Sinex in her article, “5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer,” states that a professional team can, “help you execute your vision.”  Let’s explore the reasons a professional team will benefit your company.

Reason #1-Deliver the right message.  An experienced design team will know how to inform your visitors about who you are, what you have to offer, and how you can improve the quality of life of your clients.  The proper message delivered in a powerful manner to a targeted audience is an effective way to establish your brand.

Reason #2-Making SEO strategies work for you.  A professional web design team knows the importance of SEO in the marketplace today and how to formulate codes that increases your Google rankings.  They’ll know how and where to place words in your message that drive great volumes of traffic to your cyber storefront.


A professional web design Caerphilly team will make your internet presence stronger and help you to outperform your competitors with an attractive and functional website.

Reason #3-The Caerphilly team can take care of your web design whilst you run your company.  As you know, in business time is money and if you leave the marketing and design strategies of your website to the professionals, you’ll have time to focus on improving your business and introducing new products.  Let the expertise of a design team save you time while you make money.

Reason #4-Your design team can help you out-perform the competition.  There are a plethora of websites on the Internet clamouring for business and a professional team can design your website to stand out above all of the rest.  Your website must be unique, attractive, deliver a credible message, and function properly to convert visitors to sales, which is the bottom line of a website.

Reason #5-Give yourself a break from stress.  When you decide to hire a team of web design Caerphilly professionals to create your website, you’ll be removing some stress from your daily routine and experiencing peace of mind.  It’s important to choose a reliable team that you trust and that has a proven track record of success when contracting with a team to do work on behalf of your company.

In the centre of Caerphilly, you’ll find a bevy of businesses with one holding the key to your website success.  Partner with professionals for success that places you head and shoulders above your competitors.