Would you become a logger

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years and had never really appreciated the role the forests play in overall economy of our state. I had started to watch a show on The History Channel called “Ax Men” that follows a group of loggers and details the daily challenges they have in getting logs to mills. In the early years many of the logging companies harvested the trees near bodies of water that enabled them to transport them to nearby mills. As they moved more inland they needed to develop tools and techniques that would enable them to cut down the trees and then move them to a road where they would be loaded and transported.

I have always loved to climb trees when I was a young kid and still have the idea that one day I will build a cool tree fort for my kids. Right now I am relegated to just pruning and maintaining our trees so that they do not grow into the house.You can find tree pruning tools at  Sherrill Tree that can help you in maintaining  the health and look of your trees. There is something to be said about well groomed trees and the look can actually help add more value to your home. One thing I found out from a tree expert that you can actually control the height and spread of your trees if you just do a little maintenance every year.