Why You’ll Love a Maxima

There are tons of reasons to invest in buying a Nissan. First of all – why not? It’s a beautiful car that truly handles like a dream. Pros of buying a Nissan include great gas mileage, great craftsmanship on the cars and reliable service. When I think of any cons, I’ll let you know. La Quinta Nissan dealership is a great car dealership available in the great city of La Quinta, California and is a very well-established dealership. They offer the absolute best in not only vehicles, but customer service as well. Some of the newest cars offered at this dealership include the stylish 2012 Nissan Versa, the newest Nissan Maxima, the 2012 Nissan Sentra, Nissan Rogue, and the ever famous Nissan Altima, among many others. Some new specials that they have going on right now include leasing the Nissan Sentra for 36 months at only $169 per month. You can lease the newest Versa hatchback for about $179 for 36 months as well. Also for the same amount of time, you can lease the amazing Nissan Pathfinder (especially helpful if you have a large family and need a vehicle that can carry them all comfortably) at only $329 per month. Of course you can check with the dealership itself to see what specials may be right for you and what other deals may be possible as well. Sometimes the salespeople really do know how to get you the best for your money. At the Corona dealership you can find many beautiful Nissan’s in the wonderful city of L.A, California. Of course there are many different models of Nissan available as well. Some of the more popular types of Nissans’ people are purchasing include the 2012 Nissan Murano (SUV, also perfect for larger families), 2012 Nissan Maxima, the Nissan Quest, Nissan 370Z, the less-popular Nissan Armada, 2012 Nissan Titan, and the Nissan Juke. All great models offered by the popular Nissan company. Some of the specials offered at Riverside include twenty dollars off any service or repair, a bonus coupon where you can save fifty dollars on many different services, the express lube service, wiper inserts starting at $8, batteries that only cost $90, leasing the Nissan Versa HB for only ninety-nine dollars a month and many more offered. I absolutely enjoy visiting La Quinta each and every time. The way I see it, there are absolutely no cons to buying a Nissan! You only live once, so why not invest some time and money into something that you can enjoy for life?