What are the benefits of pay on results SEO marketing?

The benefits of SEO marketing pay on results are twofold. For the digital marketing agency it is a tried and trusted method of securing new clients. For the client they are able to get a taste of what the agency can do for their website business profile. A guaranteed page one ranking in Google and increased visitor traffic is the first hint of many benefits to come.

No overnight flash in the pan

Do not expect a reputable search engine marketing agency to achieve results overnight. It can be done but it would probably be the result of bad practice. The Google search algorithm will rapidly root this out, and when it does your website will be consigned to the ‘Google dustbin’. If the agency is reputable, the period of time in which to achieve a front page ranking with increased traffic will not be measured in hours or a few days.

Content marketing agencies (reputable ones that is) spend an awful lot of time researching trends and building their reputation. Just like you will want your company to build a solid brand reputation, placing trusty in an agency which delivers on promise is a sound move.

Tricks agencies employ

Back linking is something which can be paid for. Links pointing to your website which are paid for in this way seldom (if at all) appear to be organic. Google and other search engine algorithms will rapidly pick up on this and then penalize the website business concerned. This can cause serious issues later, especially if you are beginning your website business from scratch.

A reputable agency will grow links to your website organically based on a specific keyword of your choice. They will not achieve it by scamming, spamming and/or other perverse methods. Ranking will be achieved on keyword status only, and typically for one page only. If an agency promises results in just a few days, it is better to ask what methods they will be employing.

Ongoing marketing support

By achieving a page one ranking in Google using what is known as ‘white hat’ SEO methods, an ongoing strategy then has to be developed to improve the ranking of all pages on the website. This would typically involve some or all of the following search marketing tools:

  • Guest post blogging
  • Pay per Click campaigns
  • Social media engagement
  • Organic search campaigns
  • On page content generation

A social media element of a marketing strategy will enable your business brand to more effectively engage a target audience. Representing an online business in the best possible way will assist in maintaining a sustainable campaign long into the future; as likes grow on Facebook for example more individuals will become aware of your web presence.

There is much more to a search engine marketing strategy than mere written words however; the proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating.

That proof comes with that first tentative first page ranking on Google, delivering tangible results on one keyword placement.

Graham Green is a freelance writer, blogger and owner of two online businesses. Engaging a SEO pay for results service has been the most productive element to promote and improve sales.

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