Using tarps for camping

How many times do we plan a camping trip in the middle of summer, where the temperatures are hot and we spend more time away from the campfire than near it? Instead of dodging the campfire for excess heat, wouldn’t it be nice to use a campfire for warmth?  You can grab your tents, tarps, and sleeping bags and start planning for that camping trip. We only light the summer campfires so we can roast our marshmallows and hot dogs. Perhaps a few campers use it for a source of light at night, but the summer campfires can be more of a hassle than a pleasure.

A winter camping trip would be all about the campfire. I have been out in the woods at night with very cold temperatures and you can’t get close enough to that campfire. This is when camping can be a lot of fun. If you have to use your campfire for warmth, you have planned the perfect night for camping! And with some simple planning you can use a tarp to help create wind breakers or snow barriers. You see the use of tarps in many winter and summer camping trips and even on those high mountain adventures to help provide protection against the wind and rain.

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