Using small business VoIP

Companies are looking for ways to reach customers on the web and then  be able to stay connected via the web and other means of marketing.  Today those words are more true than ever as companies are seeing the  success of MySpace, Facebook,  Youtube , and more recently Twitter. They  know that in order to appeal to the younger crowds they need to play  where they play. Many are not turning to TV to get their information,  but rather online blogs and social communities. Many small to medium businesses may look at some of these new expanding digital channels as a barrier because of the the technology. The great thing is that they are basically free tools that allow you to stay in touch and grow your business while keeping a tight control on your overall budget.

You will see major organizations,news channels, and popular brands now setting up spaces on these high profiles social media sites. Smaller companies are turning to hosted voip services in order to stay connected with their customers. By simply upgrading their current phone system to a small business VoIP system you can roll out a touch point for your customers in a matter of days instead of months and the overall cost is about 50%-80% less that what you may be paying now. With many great features like unlimited calling, virtual receptionist, and voicemail small businesses are now able to look big while not spending thousands on a larger PBX system. This will allow them to focus on more important factors to drive business like customer support and marketing.

The technology behind VoIP has gotten better each year with the availability of more robust broadband connections. VoIP allows you to take your phone anywhere you want and by simply plugging into a computer with a broadband connection you can have your office phone with you wherever you go. This is great for companies that have outside sales people that travel in various parts of the county. Their customers can call a central number and be directed to their customer support or sale representative no matter where that person may be in the country. For small businesses the ability to stay in touch with their customers is critical in their success and while they may not have the budget to staff a call center 24/7 small business VoIP gives them that feel through services like call flipping and virtual receptionist that companies like Vocalocity offer to their customers. Plus the phones and systems are scalable with just a simple phone call so that as your business grows you simply call and add on additional users and no hardware or software upgrades because Vocalocity handles all that for you. The world we live is definitely getting smaller so being able to use the technology we have to make us look bigger can help you compete in today’s fast paced world.

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