Using a phone api to help your business stay in touch with customers

For years companies have been using the standard marketing channels to help them reach existing and new customers. For many companies advertising on radio and TV stations have been part of this mix as an inexpensive way to reach thousands of potential customers. And now many are capturing those leads and sourcing out their call centers in order follow up with those potential customers. Using multiple business phone lines in order to capture the calls that should start flowing in is critical to maximizing your advertising campaign. Companies like CDYNE offer a wide range of phone api solutions to help any small to medium sized business. In most cases the station sales reps are calling on potential customers to explain why their station and demographics would be a great fit for that particular customer. They can use the phone api to help them do call backs and confirm a customers phone number and save money while doing it. This type of automation can free up your people to focus on driving sales and answering customer calls.