Used cars are in high demand

Major auto makers reported higher demands for new cars and this is a good sign that consumers are starting to spend money again. This has also caused another problem for car dealers in that they are in need of used cars. Over the past 4-5 months the blue book value on used cars like honda, toyota, and fords have gone up by as much as 15%. So this makes your trade-in much more valuable to the private sell as well to the dealer. If you are thinking about trading in your car make sure that any little cosmetic dings are repaired and mechanically you car is in good shape.
If you are somewhat mechanically inclined you can perform those repairs those yourself and save money while increasing the value of your used car. Whether you are in need of a fan belt or Ignition Coil you can now buy these parts online and then either install them yourself or have your local mechanic take care of this repair. I would not rely on the dealer to do the repairs as you will end up paying 40% more. If you are talking about a trade-in they will take more off the trade for the potential repair than it will actually cost.Now is the time to think about trading in your old car and get that new car you have been looking at.

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