Tracking what matters with GPS

In an effort to monitor employees that travel in company owned vehicles more companies are turning to GPS tracking systems. While employees may feel they are being watched by big brother, I think it is a great way to reduce wasted time and track valuable assets that a company has on the road.

With the gps tracking system you can monitor a single vehicle or a fleet of trucks. You can monitor location, direction they are traveling, and even the speed at which they are traveling. You can set up alerts if a vehicle is traveling over a certain required speed. And they even have address alerts to let you know when a truck has arrived at a location.

They can even take this technology and make it available to deploy Teen Tracking.How nice would it would be to able to know where your kids are at all times. With the gps vehicle tracking you are able to keep your kids safe and secure. Most of the devices require that they be hard wired into the vehicle, which makes for better security, and less chance of the device being manipulated. I personally think this is great to have variable for kids, not to reduce the trust factor but build on it and to ultimately protect your children. I have always said that I am not as much concerned with what my children are doing or where they are going. I would hope that we have instilled the correct values to decide when something is right or wrong. I am worried about the lunatics out there that may cross paths with my family, and bring them harm.