Thus a diet high in processed foods and low in fresh fruits

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pandora jewelry Increased sodium consumption is associated with increased blood pressure,5 whereas reduced sodium consumption decreases blood pressure.6 7 8 9 Sodium is an essential nutrient necessary for maintenance of plasma volume, acid base balance, transmission of nerve impulses, and normal cell function,10 11 and the minimum daily required intake is estimated at 200 500 mg.10 12 Data from around the world suggest that average sodium consumption is well above that needed for physiological function and in many countries is greater than 2 g/day (equivalent to 5 g of salt daily), the value recommended by the 2002 joint World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations expert consultation9 13 and the 2007 WHO guideline.14 Many dietary components contain sodium, and cultural context and dietary habits determine the primary contributors to a population’s sodium intake.13 15 In addition to being a main chemical component in common table salt, sodium is found naturally in foods such as milk, meat, and shellfish. Many condiments such as soy and fish sauces, and processed foods such as breads, crackers, meats, and snack foods often contain high amounts of sodium. Thus a diet high in processed foods and low in fresh fruits and vegetables is often high in sodium, putting people at risk for raised blood pressure and related non communicable diseases.Several recent systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials concluded that reducing sodium intake decreases blood pressure in adults with or without hypertension.8 16 17 18 19 Increased sodium intake has also been associated with cardiovascular diseases.14 20 A recent meta analysis of 13 cohort studies concluded that there was a direct relation between increased sodium consumption and subsequent risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.20 Recently published cohort studies not incorporated in that review were not consistent with those results21 22; however, they had methodological limitations.23 24 25 Additionally, a recent systematic review of randomised controlled trials detected no relation between sodium consumption and cardiovascular disease.26 However pandora jewellery, the analysis was underpowered to detect a relation, as few long term randomised controlled trials have been conducted with these outcomes.24 25 In addition to these inconsistent results, some researchers have expressed concern that reduced sodium intake might also lead to adverse effects on health such as unhealthy changes in blood lipids, catecholamine levels, and renal function.18 27 28To clarify the relation between sodium consumption and related non communicable diseases, the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group Subgroup on Diet and Health was requested to assess all available epidemiological and clinical evidence to review and, if necessary, revise and update the WHO guideline on sodium intake for adults and to establish a guideline for children pandora jewelry.