This skateboarding French bulldog is everything

This skateboarding French bulldog is everything you need to forget about the electionThey should have renamed him Ollie.Kerry woman launches campaign to recognise diverse Irish societyna, who was adopted as a baby from Vietnam.LISTEN: 2016 Roses and Rose Escorts to release charity singleThis guy told the story of the snap general election announcement using Power Ranger GIFsYou just have to see Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to the news of the snap electionDownload our app2. Turns out spiralising to make courgetti can be a dangerous diet planI have just cut my finger while spiralising a courgette. When it comes to exercising, you on it then ate post workout cookies as a sugar boost, instead of some sort of nutThat epic moment you think there a rock in your gym shoe, only to discover it a cookie crumb.

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