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Prada Handbags 4. Unbutton your cover up down the front and wear it loose over a tight dress for a kimono effect. Pin the sides together with tiny safety pins to create some loose armholes. HomeNewsUK NewsMinistry of DefenceChicken farmers whose birds were scared to death paid compensation by Ministry of DefenceThere have been 18 payouts to poultry farmers who claimed their chickens were so terrified by the noise of low flying aircrafts they trampled each other to death15:47, 9 FEB 2017Poultry have been spooked by a range of aircraft including Tornado jets and Chinook helicopters Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailOfficials from the Ministry of Defence have paid almost in compensation to chicken farmers whose animals have been scared to death by low flying aircraft.In the last three years, there have been 18 payouts to poultry farmers who claimed their chickens were so terrified by the noise they trampled one another to death and the survivors were so frightened they stopped laying eggs.Chicken farmers say the noise of a low flying aircraft can so terrify a chicken that it will stop laying eggs leaving a substantial dent in farmers’ cashflow.Poultry have been spooked by a range of aircraft including Tornado jets as well as Apache and Chinook helicopters.Most of the incidents occur when RAF personnel are conducting training missions in the UK and they need to fly at low altitudes to simulate real life battle conditions.Thousands of Spar sandwiches recalled over fears they contain BLUE chicken(Image: PA)The Cheap Prada biggest single payment was to the owners of a poultry farm in East Sussex where hundreds of animals died when they panicked after been scared by a low flying Chinook.There have also been payouts relating to lost chickens and egg production to farms in Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Wales and Northern Ireland.A spokesman for the British Egg Industry Council, said: “Low flying aircraft can cause the birds to ‘smother’ in a panic reaction.Smothering is when the hens all pile in on top of each other sometimes against an obstacle such as a wall and the ones at the bottom of the heap suffocate. “In flocks of free range hens, which usually number in their thousands, many hundreds of birds can be lost in this way.Frugal mum who feeds her entire family on just a day shares her shopping secrets”The other possible effect on hens from the stress of the shock is that Cheap Prada Bags they go out of egg production for a period and the eggs the hens do produce are often poor shelled and not fit for the table market. “The farmer’s losses amount to the value of the birds which die, the consequential loss arising from the flock being smaller than it otherwise would have been, and the reduced egg value from the remaining hens due to both lower egg numbers and higher levels of second quality eggs.”The total payouts from the MoD for low flying compensation have come to in the last three years and cover payments for the loss of horses, cows and lambs scared by the aircraft, as well as personal injury to people and damage to property.”People have claimed for damage to their homes triggered by sonic booms when RAF aircraft break through the sound barrier Prada Handbags.