They shrink a bomber for greater maneuverability to 1/2

Deer in the Headlights: Aragaki Koji, when the titan suddenly opens fire with its 58mm cannon He Is Not My Boyfriend: in a running gag, Iori utters variations of this phrase many times, along with a few instances of Aragaki Koji using the “she is not my girlfriend” variant. Informed Ability: Iori is a practitioner of kendo, but does not actually use this skill set during War and Snowflakes. However, in War and Cherry Blossoms, we finally get to see her participating in her kendo club, sparring with her teammates.

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The archetypal and most versatile of healers, they’re the only ones to have two talent trees dedicated to healing (though the other, Discipline, focuses more on damage absorption / healing through offensive spells than direct healing.) Priests may also specialize as ranged DPS, melting their enemies’ faces with shadow magic and psychic assaults. They use Mana. Rogue A dual wield melee DPS class that attacks from stealth for incredible damage, then vanishes into the shadows when the advantage is lost.

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