The various kinds of ADSL packages

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a kind of DSL that make use of the existing telephone networks for providing broadband internet. This is a high-speed internet and is gaining high popularity in the market because of the number of benefits it is offering. In comparison to a regular 56k dial-up internet broadband service, ADSL provides 10 – 140 times better speed. ADSL service is generally welcomed by home users.


Apart from ADSL, there is SDSL service that provides higher uploading speed than downloading. This service is mainly preferred by business organizations.  ADSL runs at high speed and it can even rise up to 8Mbps. The 2Mbps ADSL speed is commonly used by people and it depends on the requirements of the customers. The availability of ADSL connection usually depends on your local telephone exchange. Like old exchanges are not perfect for ADSL connections and these signals can be transmitted only with the help of upgraded telecom exchanges. Before you further plan with your new ADSL service make sure that you nearest exchange is an upgraded one.

Installation of ADSL

Installation of ADSL connection is very easy and you can even install it by yourself. These services are available as plug and play option. For starting the service all you need to do is to simply connect the PC with the modem and the sockets to the micron filter. After that, you need to install the software and the drivers that are provided with the modem followed by entering your password and username which can login to the broadband connection, the final stage of connecting the internet service. As a broadband user you can surely experience a completely new world of net surfing!

ADSL data packages

There are various packages of broadband service like monthly/quarterly and yearly rentals. You can also choose among the other plans that can suits your requirements. The plans keep on changing and with festival seasons and special occasions you can avail various new money saver data packs. Some providers even provide the modems at free of cost with the data packages which eliminates the need of renting.

Speed of ADSL connections

The speed of your ADSL service can be highly affected by the distance between your local exchange and home. If your stay far away from the exchange then the speed will be much lower in comparison to the one that situated near the telecom exchange. So, if you stay far away in some rural area than it is suggested to opt for the 512 kbps

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