The stock market in 2011


There is so much surrounding the housing industry and most people have forgot about the troubles there. The housing industry is what will lead the stock market out of this recession. The recent run up in the stock market is a good indicator that durable goods and consumer confidence are back up. Even with all the turmoil and uncertainty in the Middle East stocks continue to show gains and sectors like mining stocks and technology stocks are starting to lead the way.

Stocks will go back up again and this correction was probably needed. When things do go back on the plus side for investors, it should be a bright outlook on stocks then. Investing more money now may make sense to some, because your able to pick some undervalued stocks that could start rising. It’s still too risky to try and pick which stocks will go north this summer and investors should work with their adviser to help them understand the opportunity and risks in the mining stocks. It is possible that things could get worse and you could lose out on new money you invested in the market now.