The hot air immediately around the glass is cooled on contact

On a frigid winter night, a man wearing two coats shuffles into a brightly lit brick restaurant in downtown Madrid. Staff greet him warmly; he’s been here many times. The matre d’ stamps his ID card, and the hungry man selects a table with a red tablecloth, under a big brass chandelier..

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The condensed water molecules form liquid water droplets. This is why your cold glass of iced tea appears to sweat on a hot summer day. The hot air immediately around the glass is cooled on contact, and the water in its liquid state builds around the outside of the glass..

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Medical science has improved its hands over every sector of treatment. Many forms of corrective surgeries for vision are known, and so patients will not have much trouble with low eye sight or wearing glasses. The condition goes severe with growing age such as myopia or cataracts.