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cheap jerseys But Buffalo won’t have starting left tackle Cordy Glenn on Thursday, who’s out with an ankle injury, so that won’t help the run game.NSFW of the Week: Ryan told the Bills in a team meeting that “this is our $% team,” they’re the “$% best” and they “don’t give a $% who knows it.” The rant was featured in a documentary that aired Saturday, one day before they only scored one $% touchdown in Baltimore. QBs Andy Dalton and Ben Roethlisberger missed time with injuries last year, but both looked healthy and effective in their Week 1 wins.Bengals (1 0) WR Green’s 12 catch performance matched a career best, and he and Dalton’s chemistry may only be rivaled by the combination of Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown.The Cincy defense showed it has work to do defending the run, and Pittsburgh’s (1 0) ground game is strong even with Le’Veon Bell sitting the first three games of the year. DeAngelo Williams, at 33, is the oldest back in the league but has spent his career splitting time at the position, so he’s got plenty more to give on the field.Mixed Signals of the Week: Brown’s rump shaking in the end zone earned him a penalty for being “sexually suggestive.” It’s nice of the league to clean up all the hey, that’s the exact same move at 26 seconds of this video.Newton blew off questions about the four blatant shots to his head in the Panthers’ (0 1) season opener, explaining he’s “worried about winning that’s it.” His job gets easier against a defense other than the Broncos, despite improvements to the San Francisco (1 0) squad cheap jerseys.