Tests carried out on rats that fed on falcarinol showed less

Glasses doped with Yb3+ ions show efficient emission around 980nm and match almost 60% of the commercial InGaAs laser diode18. It is a two level quantum emitter whose concentration quenching and multiphonon relaxation should not affect its lasing action19. Besides, Yb3+ ion is also a sensitizer of energy transfer for infrared to visible up conversion and infrared lasers10,20.In this scenario, an accurate control over the emission properties of the Yb3+ ion is crucial for the design of novel photonic nano devices.

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Today it was announced that the anti cancer properties of carrots are more potent if the vegetable is not cut into chunks or sliced up before cooking. Recent study produced evidence of carrots if “boiled before cut” contained 25% more of the anti cancer compound falcarinol than chopped up carrots did before boiled. Tests carried out on rats that fed on falcarinol showed less tumors developing.

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