South Jersey’s populist banker

Jerry Banmiller, who runs First Colonial National Bank of Collingswood, is a recurring (sometimes free, sometimes paying) guest at 1210 AM talk radio, whose local hosts, unlike some of their national counterparts, have a history of ridiculing powerful entities of all kinds including corporate power, not just government power.

Which fits Banmiller, whose latest self produced voice ad, featuring himself and a group of cats, challenges our President and Congress, and the great big multi branch national banks, without naming any of them, or admitting that neighborhood banks can be every bit as robust as the giants, when it’s time to grab your collateral:

“This is Jerry Banmiller president of First Colonial National Bank in Southern New Jersey. wholesale jerseys from china I’m here at a meeting of large investment banks and mortgage companies known by some politicians as fat cats.”

“Whoops, sorry guys, I forget you prefer the more politically correct phrase of ‘weight challenged felines.’

“You know, because of the excesses of some of the nonbank financial companies community banks are being unfairly criticized. Many in Congress forget that we lend to homeowners at reasonable rates but only after we’ve confirmed that they can afford the payments

“We don’t lend money to foreign countries like Greece that have huge unmanageable deficits, like the United States might have in four years, if we continue to spend money we don’t have.