Some opt to discard the small inner seed after robbing the

When the Kirkland Project took on the topic of masculinities, it was with a sense that it would be a refreshing change of pace since gender is so often associated simply with women. We also realized that leaving in the singular and thus leaving it unproblematized was tantamount to accepting it as natural.once again offered us the occasion to bring to campus a dazzling array of programs and to work with other groups: several academic departments and student organizations, as well as the Faculty for Women Concerns and the Levitt Public Affairs Center. We began with a panel of Hamilton faculty who addressed issues of masculinity in their work Prada Outle, Marianne Janack (Philosophy), Dana Luciano (English and Gay/Lesbian Studies), Kris Paap (Sociology), and Gil Whiting (Education and Africana Studies).

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