Shown recently holding a sample of supplies and backpacks are

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cheap prada bags Keeping it CatholicBy Joni Moths Mueller Photography by Ben SmidtPicture this classroom scene. A group of 10 serious looking students sit at four tables formed into a rectangle. They have wide ranging areas of study nothing unusual in that. School supplies and the backpacks to carry them in were recently donated for Aroostook County students who might otherwise have been unable to acquire the back to school items. Bean, which donated the backpacks; United Way of Aroostook, which filled them with school supplies; and ACAP, whose Family Services Program planned to distribute them to County youth in time for school. Shown recently holding a sample of supplies and backpacks are (from left) Claudia Stevens, executive director of United Way of Aroostook; and Nahar Little, UWA office administrator. cheap prada bags

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