Secret Santa in the work place

With Thanksgiving only two weeks away companies and businesses are planning their Christmas or holiday parties. In most cases groups will do the white elephant type gift exchange where everyone agrees on the price not to go over and then the gifts are exchanged. With a secret santa which we have done in our office you draw someones name and hope that it is someone that you get along with. There are so Secret Santa gift ideas that you can find, but you want to make sure that it is appropriate for the work place. We have heard stories of employees receiving gifts from their co-workers that were in not in the best taste and got them in trouble. In this politically correct world we live it can be challenge to find something fun and creative. Gift cards are for a secret santa but shows the other person that you really put no thought into the gift. Plus you never know, that person who you choose as part of the gift exchange may be your manager one day and surely do not want for them to have a bad impression of you.