Review of Marcus Evans

Just this week we were asked to review of the Marcus Evans company. After doing some research we came away with some good insight and certainly welcome our readers input.

Marcus Evans started his company back in 1983 as a corporate hospitality and entertainment company. The business has grown to over 3000 staff members and 56 global locations. Most notably one of his companies was given the opportunity to be preferred ticketing provider for the recent 2012 Olympic games. Marcus Evans is also Owner and Chairman of Ipswich Town Football Club which he is very involved with and an avid rugby fan. He has diversified his company from a main stream hospitality company into other ventures, but has always returned to what brought him and his company success which is in the sports and entertainment field. You can search and find numerous articles on the various seminars and events that his company hosts around the globe and like with any major corporation you will find the good with the bad. They have been doing more business seminars in the recent years that have helped to thought leaders on economic and global issues that are impacting countries and companies. It is estimated that they have been able to run and support close to 1000 business seminars in a year through their extensive staff and expertise.

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