Ready for your State Fair

You know that Summer is coming to an end when all the county and state fairs start. What better way to enter the Fall season than to take a ride on the spider, eat a elephant ear, and watch some good old fashion bull riding. Last year our fair featured a kids event called “Mutton Bustin” which is where kids under the age of 6 or under 60 lbs are put on the back of sheep in a pin and then timed to see who can stay on the longest. They are equipped with a hockey style helmet and protective vest and then placed in a mini bull shoot and hold on for dear life. The grand prize was a huge belt buckle and four wheeler. It was funny to watch and some great entertainment.
Fairs are also when those kids involved 4-H get a chance to showcase their animals and hopefully auction off their livestock that they have been raising over the past year. The animals are put on one of several livestock weight scales to get their weight and then they are brought into the arena to be bid on by local businesses and farmers. My kids love to go through the animal barns and check out the bulls, sheep, and rabbits. I was amazed at the price that some of the animals were auctioned off on the final day of the fair. I guess this is the motivation for those kids to continue to develop in 4-H. Then we end our fair experience at the rodeo where men and women sacrifice their bodies on bucking horses and bulls to gain points and dollars to hopefully qualify for the national event in Las Vegas at the end of the year. The top prize for first place is only a few hundred dollars which make me think maybe these cowboys should stick to raising livestock where the kids were getting over $1000 for their bull. Have a great time at your local fair and rodeo and remember to check out the deep fried snickers because you only live once.