Reach your customers and provide value through email

We started our online adventure about 6 years ago when we were looking to use the internet as a tool to sell products. At that time there was great fan fare with emai marketing and the ability to reach millions for a lower cost than banner or PPC advertising. It was about this time that that the CANN Spam act was put into place which placed severe penalties on those spamming users. The key to successful email marketing was getting the permission from the end user, or permission marketing. An example might be offering a  social media marketing service that would allow us to offer additional customer service while creating a presence for our brand. We had also hoped that this customer contact vehicle would then allow us to gather additional customer information and enroll them in our email marketing services. But how do you go about getting their permission if they do not event know how to reach your site. Many have been successful in using free giveaways or newsletters on a particular topic to collect and validate email addresses of potential customers.

The question business owners need to ask is the site functional and easy for your customers to navigate. Web design is essential to attracting customers as well getting them to come back. The idea is to make it simple and not over the top. Remember that a large portion of internet shoppers are still operating on limited connections, and if your site has a lot of flash and animation it may not load very quickly causing customers to try elsewhere. You will also want to make sure your customized email newsletters match your blog and website so that you can create a synergy between your online and offline promotions. With email marketing software from companies like iContact you can create a great looking email campaign that will not break the bank. There has been a growing trend in Consumer Generated Media to help promote brands and companies. Consumers blog about their experience or post on their Facebook about what they like and do not like about various services and products. The ability for a company to link their offline promotions with their online social media campaign can help generate consumer interest and create a higher level of consumer engagement. This avenue for marketing has also created a division among those who write on major blogs as to whether this creates a conflict of interest and does paying other to write about your product influence their opinion.