Printing business cards online and saving time and money

Many companies across the country use various methods to store, pack and ship their products to both customers and other businesses. In our industry we use a product fulfillment center to house, track, and ship out marketing materials to over 6000 sales people as well as fulfillment items to customers. Controlling inventory costs on so many items to a large customer base can be demanding on any business and take a lot of resources. For instance we had a change in the market where we needed to get new sales aids to 3000 of our sales people in the field so there had to be a precise coordination between our outside printing management company and fulfillment center to be able to receive the items, piece them together and then get out to our teams in a matter of days. This type of coordination can only take place with those organizations that have the capabilities and experience to handle such requests. This was time sensitive information and any delays could have resulted in loss in market share across the nation.
Everyday companies face logistical challenges on how to distribute marketing items to their sales force or have items packed and shipped to their customers in a timely fashion using their external print supply chain. printing business cards at UPrinting There is also the issue with on demand access and secure inventory control that must be taken into account. Many companies are asking their employees to print locally in order to save on time and resources. This can also help provide a quicker response to market needs. With larger fulfillment centers they can sometimes overlook the simple process of inventory control that we were intrigued to learn about a company.