Penny auctions at DealFun

You have probably seen news reports and blog posts about consumers winning items like the iPad 2, LCD tv, and gift cards for up to 98% off on what are called penny auction sites. Sites like have become extremely popular because you can buy bid packs which allow you to bid on hot technology items. When you place a bid the price goes up by one penny thus the name “penny auctions”. The fun part about the whole bidding process is that there is a time limit for the auction but as the clock nears zero every bid adds an additional 15 seconds to the clock. So there is definitely a strategy involved in placing your bids at the right time to win that coveted iPad 2 or whatever you are bidding on.
For newbies dealfun offers a “Win Guarantee” so that if you do not win within the first 24 hours of your first bid placed all your bids are returned to your account. They also beginner auctions that allow those just joining the site a way to polish their skills and get an understanding of how the bidding works and develop strategies to help you win. What other site will help you in this manner? Along with super responsive customer support you can get questions answered and help with any issues. I would recommend that if you sign up, which is free by the way, to watch a few auctions and you can see what others game plans are before diving in. Or if you just want to have fun and get a great deal then place your bids and if you do lose those bids that were used can be used towards the purchase price of the item. What a Deal!! So if you sign up and win post the results back here for other to see and best of luck.

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