Paying for the coating could prove

Paying for the coating could prove cost effective; scratches cannot be removed so scratched glasses will need to be replaced.Thin and lighter lenses: 40 90Some people are prescribed thick lenses, which can be heavy. Sarah Farrant of the College of Optometrists said thicker lenses could also cause distortion, while, for those who are significantly short sighted, thick lenses can make their eyes look small.Thinner lenses are lighter and more comfortable. They also offer an improved cosmetic appearance and, in the case of “aspheric” lenses (lenses with an outward curve), better vision.How to save hundreds on eye tests, glasses and contact lensesBifocals and varifocals: 49 159 (although can cost as much as 500)Bifocals allow the wearer to see over both long and short distances.

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