Ohio Art League (OAL), the state’s premier organization

Last year, the actor recalled the time Tarantino approached him in a hotel bar about the film. Apparently, Tarantino told Brosnan he was “the best” and “only James Bond” over multiple apple martinis. Brosnan was on board, but the studio wasn’t. Ohio Art League (OAL), the state’s premier organization serving artists working in any visual medium, will celebrate its hundredth anniversary in 2009. OAL boasts a membership of more than six hundred artists and hundreds more enthusiasts. Special exhibitions and events are planned with community partners to honor OAL’s longtime and ongoing commitment to the visual arts in central Ohio and across the state.\The Columbus Museum of Art will celebrate OAL’s centennial with a CMA collection salute to some of OAL’s most famous artists some of whom include George Bellows, Alice Schille, Emerson Burkhart, Sidney Chafetz, Ann Hamilton, and Roy Lichtenstein.

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