Often a hurdle for newcomers

Often a hurdle for newcomers, American Football features some of the most complex rules you come across. If you don know your fourth downs from your touchdowns the game might appear daunting, with multiple rules, quirks and regulations all having an impact on the course of play. Once you know your way around the rulebook, games can be tense, strategic affairs.

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Firstly, power has potential benefits rather than simply being a negative top down force. So, while power may be between unequal players, the relations are (Foucault, 1978, p.94) with the possibility that the balance of power will be upset and that those who have been marginalized may be successful in their aims, some of the time. An example would be a client showing her displeasure about some aspect of her relationship with her worker by not being home when the practitioner comes for a planned home visit.

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