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replica ray bans Top of pageResultsBackground: Methods: Results: Conclusions: Materials and methods Results Discussion References Acknowledgements Figures and TablesAnalysis of individual serum biomarkers according to diagnostic valueOur initial selection consisted of an array of 47 biomarkers; they were selected based either on published reports for each biomarker showing value for at least one of the following functions: NSCLC diagnosis, staging or prognosis (Hatzakis et al, 2002; Neuner et al, 2002; Molina et al, 2003; Kaya et al, 2004; Onn et al, 2004; Pujol et al, 2004; Boldrini et al, 2005; Huang et al, 2005; Tarro et al, 2005; Vielh et al, 2005; D et al, 2006; Kaminska et al, 2006; Xi et al, 2006) or involvement in biological processes implicated in disease progression. The levels of these markers were evaluated in sera from 90 NSCLC patients treated at RUMC and 43 non cancer controls. Table 1 shows the clinical and pathological characteristics of patients replica ray bans.