Monitoring your Android phone

In this day in age more people use their cell phone for communicating via texting, voice, and email. For companies this presents a large security risk because of the ease of being able to quickly snap a picture of a confidential document or products and immediately send out to friends or competitors. Just think about all the leaked photos of the latest iPhone. These photos and specs were obviously taken by a worker in the production phase and then passed on illegally.
If you are in need to monitor the cell phone use of your employees or kids there is a Android Spy App that will allow you to monitor the phones of your employees. You can view SMS text messages, calls, and other data sent or received all privately. The end user will be unaware of this monitoring and can help put a higher level of accountability. In most cases you will want to advise the employees that any and all communications that are sent and received over the company paid Android phone can and will be monitored. This is no different than what companies currently monitor via company email and web based activity on company property. While this Android App can seem intrusive, used in the proper manner and those people are made aware of the responsibility of company property.