MicroTCA upgrades for your computer systems

Most businesses are looking ahead to 2013 and what this new year might bring. The confidence level in business investment has been growing over the past few quarters and this can been seen in hiring and investment in resources like technology and infrastructure. For many companies upgrading their current networks and computer technology is long over due since many were holding onto capital to weather the downturn in the economy. Now that profits are going up companies are now in need of upgrading their infrastructure and this includes networking hardware and software to keep with the demand of our changing digital landscape.

This brings us to our current writings on Micro Telecom Computing Architecture or MicroTCA  solutions. This newer application is aimed at providing companies a smaller footprint where AdvancedTCA is needed on a smaller platform. Some of the applications include industries like medical, defense, and communications. Some of the base applications include but are not limited to:

VoIP gateways

Base Transceiver Station- which runs behind cell towers in order to help in communications

WiMAX solutions which reduce the need for line of sight communication

IP-PBX helping to provide a physical IP WAN dial up solution

The cost and implementation of solutions like MicroTCA are minimal when compared with the efficiencies that you gain in overall cost savings and productivity.

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