Marketing business cards and your brand

While there is a lot of hype of developing your site and blog with social network integration there are some off line tools that you still need to implement in order to enhance your brand. One of the most simple yet effective business tools is the business card. This allows you brand your company and website on every interaction that you have. Whether this occur at a business meeting, trade show, or a local community event you never want to miss the chance to promote your brand.

You will want to use the back of the business card for your various contact points if you can be accessed via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The use of marketing business cards can be a substantial selling tool because if you meet someone for the first time and need to get them important information having key contact points on your business card can help you capitalize on this meeting. I look at like the elevator speech. In sales we were always challenged to come up with what is called an “elevator speech.” Basically this is what you would want to tell a customer if you only had thirty seconds to make impact. Your business card if designed correctly can be your “elevator speech” that will live on past your initial meeting. Online vendors like allow you to create your cards online while giving you an easy way to view and edit your cards online. You can align the graphics and content inline with your brand and product message. They provide quick turn around as their name implies so let’s say you are away on a business trip and need some additional business cards you can create them or pull from your account and have them ready to go really quick. They also offer the ability to order business letter head, address labels, and other post-it note type items that can also be used to hand out to clients. Reminder items can help seal a potential deal because you have the right simple message on your brands and how to contact you right at the customers fingertips which may be better than some online social marketing website.