Marcus Evans management training

It is a well know that fact that most of the learning of leaders and managers of almost any organization is done on the job. There is a 70/20/10 rule that states that almost any learning is done 70% on the job, 20% through training, and 10% self directed. This creates a huge learning opportunity for managers and senior executives to develop and help provide more robust training for their leader. At they help to provide summits where thought leaders and industry experts are able to get together and share their knowledge and learning’s. Sitting in a classroom and walking through theories on potential employee or business situations may be ok for a short course in the subject matter, but live face to face to learning is key.
Companies typically promote up the ladder based on the performance of an individual and not necessarily their leadership skills. This puts them and the company at risk for creating bad business deals or creating a human resources nightmare. Providing them with access to outside vendors who will help educate them on fiscal policies, governance, marketing, and social media will only help everyone on the team and the company. Companies like Marcus evans create over 1000 courses/conferences a year and while there have been complaints¬†reported in general the feedback has been very positive. The other key to offsite learning is setting up a great mentor or follow-up system so that after your newly promoted managers or leaders come back you actually take and put into practice the learning’s. So many times, and I am guilty of this as well, is that a company will spend thousands on sending their top managers to advanced training on a groundbreaking subject only to have it be left at the front door. Creating a formal process where a manager is placed on point to make sure the learnings are discussed at team meetings or quarterly business reviews meetings will help the training live on past the actual conference dates.