Keeping track of your fleet vehicles

In the world of technology one service that has come a long way is GPS tracking for vehicles. Many large companies use these GPS tracking system to keep track of their fleet of cars and trucks to monitor delivery times, road conditions, and safety alerts. With the tracking devices loaded on many delivery and construction trucks they can help monitor road speed, location, and service required. These devices have been thought of as big brother since the company can monitor the location of there vehicles and drivers at all times. This not only helps to improve productivity , but more importantly safety. These fleet tracking devices can send alerts to the office if a vehicle is traveling above the determined speed limit and dispatch can send out a message to the driver to slow down to help increase safety.

Many of these devices have also helped local and national businesses improve their service and delivery because they know exactly where a package is at all times. This is how you are able to get real time stats on your package through some of the large delivery companies. These devices can also help deter theft since the thief will be unable to get far in the vehicle thanks to the satellite tracking device. They are run by software that is kept at the dispatch center to help control the flow and location of all the vehicles. Plus they can help track maintenance and service with your fleet to help avoid costly repairs.
There a is a very nice example of a GPS vehicle tracking solution that is available at which you can see the details on what you are able to track and the information available. With many of their gps tracking systems you can actually watch the dots moving on the map to give you a more realistic view of what is offered.