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6. Anderson or rookie backup Devontae Booker, who will get more carries this week. The Broncos have gone nine games, including the postseason, without a 100 yard rusher. G’day Phil; I wonder about the NBL I find it difficult to detect anyone who is even remotely interested in basketball. It’s a great girls game, and it’s even better sans knickers (very popular) and it’s a game allowed to be played by little boys at school because they can’t get hurt. I think that says it all, In this country boys must not do anything at school that might attract the attention of an ambulance chasing maggot lawyer, with the seppo battle cry sue, sue, sue, and as it is a true seppo sport, their corporations throw millions of dollars at it because they get tax free dollars to promote sport (great tax evasion scheme) they have to import their players from seppo land some of which are remotely cucasian.

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