Improving your vision with contacts

Most of us have friends that wear contact lenses and probably have for years. The technology in this field has advanced over the years so that what was once a daily chore in just keeping the contacts clean are now more adaptable to everyday life. My wife switched from glasses and now wears acuvue oasys contact lenses. She did this for several reasons. The first with three small children she was always misplacing her glasses or getting them stepped on. Second she plays soccer in a womens league so wearing glasses on the playing field is not really an option. So when she switched early on to acuvue oasys lenses the convenience and comfort were a big factor.
With the acuvue oasys, the #1  brand of contacts in the US, made by Johnson & Johnson are made of exclusive Hydraclear Plus technology that feels more natural to wear unlike the older harder lenses that sometimes felt like there was a small object in your eye. The convenience is also a great benefit. The acuvue oasys are approved for overnight wear by the FDA-approved for up to one week. You just simply remove and clean them daily and replace them every two weeks. The new technology helps to provide approx. 98% to the eye to reduce that redness or dry eyes that you hear of from those that wear contact lenses. So if you have been holding off changing in your glasses for contact lenses today may be the day to make that change.