iBackup enterprise solution just got better

We recently has a scare when our computer crashed that stored many of our files and backups for several sites and blogs that we own. We have multiple sites across different platforms and they all contain a lot of data that if lost could be a serious setback to our business. Loosing the emails, and customer data to a possible virus, hacker, or PC crash would be difficult to recover from. Their enterprise solution can help small to medium size businesses create a company wide backup protocol with some of the great points to consider:

  • Compliance: Keeping secure a secure  backup of all your important files for internal use and government requirements. They can help provide assistance on SOX/HIPAA/SEC and more to help you stay in compliance with document retention and security
  • Secure: Military grade encryption to help protect your important files
  • Business Continuity: With automatic backups, 24X7 access to all your files, and True archiving so that your most current files are updated and secure
  • Cost Effective: No additional hardware or software requirements and pay as you scale iBackup makes perfect sense for your business.

They also offer backup services for consumers for those that have all those digital photos and videos. I highly recommend for those of us who store our digital photos and music on your PC. Starting at $9.95 for up to 10 GB of data you can have your files stored off site to help provide a secondary backup that will give you access from across multiple platforms. Currently they offering a special upgrade where they will triple the amount of storage if you sign up before November 17, 2010.

You can get automated or scheduled backups to help avoid any human error. Some of their key features are drag and drop webfolders for easy backup, MAC Support, and downloads up to 30% faster than most other services. They even have various plug ins for your browser to help create simple shortcuts to your daily backups. You will find lots of free services to help you make the transition to online storage.

2 thoughts on “iBackup enterprise solution just got better

  1. Carol

    This is indeed great news.I have not yet tried this but am a very great fan on online backup because it is the only way i can protect my crucial files from disasters.Am currently using Safecopy backup for all the backup i need.

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