How I Learned To Cook By Mistake

When I first got married, I had absolutely no idea how to cook anything. Even trying to cook the most simple things such as macaroni and cheese turned out to be a complete disaster. I have burned macaroni, started stove fires cooking Hamburger Helper, and even had major grease fires from attempting to cook a meatloaf in the oven. I am sure glad that my husband did not marry me for my cooking skills, or we would clearly be divorced by now.

After I got married, I was sitting home one afternoon alone. I was trying to figure out how to cook my husband the perfect dinner by surprise. With my current cooking abilities, this was really not possible. I decided to get my shoes on and get ready to head to town to the local grocery store to buy a frozen lasagna dinner for the two of us. I thought to myself to not forget to turn off the television, as it was still on in the other room. With my keys and purse at hand, I went to the living room to turn off the TV, and noticed a popular cooking show was on. They were in the process of showing step by step directions on how to make the perfect lasagna. This was very odd considering I was off to the store to pick up the same exact dinner, but frozen. I decided to grab a pen and paper and take some notes; how hard could this possibly be?

45 minutes went by and the cook on TV has the most amazing lasagna already prepared. I decided to run to the grocery store and grab the listed ingredients. I carefully followed every step as the professional on television had instructed. I decided to go watch more of the cooking shows while my first homemade dinner bakes. Forty-five minutes later, I pulled the most beautiful lasagna I have ever seen, well ever cooked, out of my oven. To my surprise, it tasted just as good as it looked. My husband was impressed, needless to say.

After that, I continued to watch daily food shows on the food network and some of my satellite tv indian channels. I now am a chef at a popular restaurant in town. I owe all credit to my television set, and good timing. Watching cooking shows on TV can be very exciting!

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