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Animation Math in Lingo™Animation Math in Lingo™

This is a guide to programming animation with Director’s Lingo. It’s a series that progresses in textbook fashion from simple to advanced animation programming. The three types of generating animation covered are incremental, parametric, and recorded. In addition there are some sections on important topics like model/display separation, object-oriented programming, and 3D concepts.

Starting Up
No previous knowledge of animation techniques is assumed, although you should be familiar with lingo basics: handlers, variables, repeat loops, if/then, sprite properties like loch/locv, attaching scripts to sprites, and how to get around in the Director environment.

Sample Code
Code from the demos may be reused freely for educational purposes. For use in commercial products, see the licensing page. A few of the more labor-intensive scripts are downloadable for a small charge, which includes commercial license. A note about copy/paste of code off the pages—some invisible characters cause script errors in Director, so it’s best to get the code from the source movie.

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