History on printing and how we got to online brochure printing

In today’s fast paced world we sometimes take for granted the technology that we have at our disposal. Even something as simple as being able to print brochures online at UPrinting has made the whole process quick and cost effective for many businesses no matter where you are located. It was until the late 1800’s that printing presses became more widely available and then they were limited to large runs and only available to larger businesses or newspapers. Once the first digital printing solution became available in 1987 the cost per page were very expensive and the quality was marginal at best compared to four color presses. As the technology improved and the cost per  page started to come down businesses were able to start doing more small runs of brochures but there was still a gap between on-demand printing and quality. Compromising on quality to print brochures in house was a trade-off for companies and even then there was a break even point where anything over 100 copies was more economical to be sent outside.

Today businesses and consumers can easily get online with Uprinting and order up four color brochures, business cards, and letter head and have them ready to be shipped in matter of 24-48 hours. The quality and speed at which you get your finished brochures is huge help to any size business. Even in today’s high tech world receiving a glossy full color brochure certainly beats an email or some webpage on a blog somewhere. We will start to see more interactive and 3D printed brochures as the technology becomes more widely available. This will help build retention and customer engagement through print that was once thought impossible. Companies like Uprinting.com will be able to help your business find the right solutions for your business and get that solution to you fast and at a reasonable cost.

A Brief History of Printing

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