Glimpsed Christopher Idone, one of the Glorious Food founders

Almost unbeatable at the 2014 Olympics (three goals against on 106 shots) and the undisputed top goaltender in the world before a knee injury last season, Price is expected to be ready to carry the load for Canada at the World Cup. Just how quickly he regains top form will be a primary question for the pre tournament exhibition slate, which begins in Columbus on Friday. The 2015 Vezina Trophy winner will have gone nearly 10 months between games by that point.

“The ghost of Ethel Merman was something that I really had to deal with. And also the ghosts of my own characters. At the start of ‘Gypsy’ I had about 17 seconds to tell those gathered they were not going to see Mary Beth Lacey as Rose and they were not going to see Ethel Merman as Rose.

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