find the right police scanner

The holidays are here and that means lots of food, shopping, and time with family. This is a great time to reflect back on the year and give thanks for what we have received and look forward to a great new year. There will be lots of different items on peoples shopping lists from HDTV’s, tablets, and even the latest police scanner.With all the high tech gadgets that are now available it may be difficult to choose the right one for your loved one. So one device that we have been asked to look into were the various types of police scanners and how do you choose one over the other.

First you want to determine exactly what you are wanting to hear with your police scanner. Police, Fire, and EMS are the most popular choices. With some of the new technology departments are now transmitting voice and data which can increase the overall cost Second you will want to research the types of frequencies that are being used in your area and make sure that your scanner will be able to pick those signals up. Third, how many channels which each model handle? There can be several hundred channels in your immediate area so having a police scanner that will accommodate hundreds if not thousands of channels may be an important consideration.  Fourth, you will want to learn the lingo. If you are just buying a police scanner for the first time there are numerous waves and frequency measurements that you will see and hear about that are specific to different types of broadcasts. It is important to know which modes are in the types of broadcasts that you are interested in picking up in order to get the most out of your scanner. The local FM broadcasters that will require a different Mhz than police as compared to your local airport if you want to listen in on air traffic control. Lastly, you will want to determine if you want a base, mobile, portable radio? This will determine the size and have impact on the cost.

A few other considerations will be range and type of antennae required should you want an expanded listening range.