Find funny photos at for the holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time and is one of the biggest times when people fall into a depression. Just take a look at the craziness that took place on Black Friday where there were fights breaking out and the lady who pepper sprayed another shopper to get an item. This is supposed to be a time of sharing and reflecting back on what we are thankful for and help others that may need a boost. I always try and look to the positive and search out funny photos, videos & pictures on the web to start my morning so that even the most stressful situations are bit more controllable.
I would challenge you this holiday season to start your day by watching a funny video or viewing a funny pic at Instead of reading through your email or turning on the TV to watch the latest economic news why not start your day with a laugh. With so many pretty funny pics and videos you are sure to find something that will make you think and laugh out loud. It has been shown that those who have a greater sense of humor live longer. Starting your day with positive images and thoughts will help you have a better attitude and you may even inspire those that you come in contact with.

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