Everybody thinks this new record

Everybody thinks this new record is about the new presidency and everything, but it just happened to be about that it wasn’t forced or anything. That’s where it went. The songs were written over a three year period from 2014 to 2017. MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) “I was involved in multiple [improvised explosive devices] over the span of the year that I was there,” Lee explained. “So as a result of that I have post concussive disorder and just a mild traumatic brain injury.”Symptoms of post concussion often include dizziness and headaches that last for a long period of time, according to the Mayo Clinic.Lee said her therapy dog Emma helps her better deal with the symptoms.”I do suffer from night terrors and so when I do, she’ll come and lick my face and wake me up and get out of that,” she said.Inspired by her story, the Liberty Bank and Channel 3 SurPRIZE Squad planned something special after Lee’s interview.It gave Lee several spa treatments and a gift card to her favorite food store, Whole Foods.The squad’s members then thanked Lee for her service.”I really appreciate this,” Lee said. “This is fantastic.

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