Enhance your conversation through articles

On our site we talk about some of the design and development techniques for various java based applications. We have been growing our various content and slowly developed a steady flow of readers and visitors that help to contribute to the conversation. For many bloggers out there it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and grow your reach and customer by simply posting or developing content. You can do manually submit your content to various RSS feeder sites which is a great way to help grow organically but can take a long time. In order to help multiply your efforts you can also Submit Articles to places like Article Alley which is a free site where you can grab content for free and submit your stories and writings as well.
As people browse through the site and find your articles they will then place your content with links back to your site that will in turn create additional traffic. As you grow your content on your blog by submitting your articles they can then be shared by others. This is very similar to a news story being reported by the Associated Press and then being picked up by thousands of newspapers across the country or world. One simple story with mass appeal can help generate a lot of new readers that may have taken years to develop.