Dedicated Servers

Don’t Let Your Site Lag, Get A Dedicated Server And Speed Up!


In our current state of technology, blogs are one of the main places people go to get their information. Bloggers are in high demand and bring a sense of ‘reality’ to otherwise generic news. However, with the explosion of blogs and bloggers, the real trick has come to be ‘How do I set myself apart?” While providing content to your audience is the main focus, there are other things you can do to help your site rank and to boost the experience. Using dedicated servers drastically improves loading times on your site. This is definitely pleasing to your site visitors because they don’t have to wait for the information to load. On a content and picture heavy blog, a dedicated server can be instrumental in retaining an audience. Also, if you work with popular subjects, a dedicated server should definitely be used. Nothing is more frustrating to a reader than their favorite news source being down because they got too much traffic and their server crashed. If you went to a site looking for information and it was down, and then tried again later and it was STILL down, would you go back to that site for information in the future? Probably not.