DealFun makes auctions fun

We have had a chance to check out actually participate in auctions atdeal fun. You can bid items like iPads, laptops, and other great electronics and get them for up to 98% off retail. What I found interesting about the penny auction style is that you can get caught up in the bidding and let your emotions take over. If you are new to deal fun you will want to set a limit and then watch a few suctions to see how it works and how people bid. They do have great customer service that even offer the option to new users that if you loos your bids within the first 24 hours of when you first place bids you can get those back.
IF you are involved in an auction and do not end up winning you can apply the bids placed towards the purchase price.

They offer beginner auctions so that you can bid against other beginners to sharpen your skills. You can also look at completed auctions to see what amount were placed on a particular item. You will see that some items people only spent a few while other people will spend hundreds of bids. Now is a great time to join since the holidays are just a few months away and you might be able to pick up a great gift for a really good deal.