Create great content for your customers

We are all trying to find the new and latest ways to get better search engine rankings. There are a lot of things you can do to help your website get a better search engine ranking . Simply having traffic to your website will help. Using social media sites and emails can help bring visitors to your site. Then you need to insert a good meta tag, that will have a lot of good keywords, so when people type in the keywords into search engines they will find you. You can even do a search on increase my website traffic and you will find hundreds if not thousands of companies offering their services to help you build your traffic. Then you have the best way of all, to get you moving up the search engines which is simply having links from your site on other people’s websites.

While working on getting people to your site and improving your rankings is a must you will want to provide them with a reason to come back. Having compelling content and a graphical way to present the data is a key to success. Consumers are wanting a more interactive way to interact and share with the sites that they frequent the most which is why sites like Pinterest has become such a huge success. From a business standpoint you may have some great information to share in graphs but in most cases that is limited to a static image or produce in Flash which makes it a challenge on mobile devices. There is a solution that we just became aware of from Arcadia Software. ArcadiaCharts, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts which run in all browsers without plugins and they are simple and easy to produce and put on your site or blog. They support line chart, bar chart, pie chart, column chart, donut chart, area chart, stacked bar chart, 100% stacked bar chart, 3D pie and bar charts, scatter plot and more so that you are able to present your data or content in a way that matters most to your customers. They offer a huge library of themes and with their CSV data import feature you can easily use your data. If you are trying to add a more visual appeal to your site then check them out and let us know what you think.